How to avoid the gator controversy and get more money out of the NFL

By now, you’ve probably heard the latest headlines about the alleged $3 billion bounty paid out to players in the NFL for holding the footballs too low during games, or for kicking the ball in the end zone.

Those stories have caused a lot of media to take sides in the football debate, and the latest example of how we’re all reacting to the story is this column in the Washington Post by Matthew Yglesias and Kevin Drum.

The argument in their piece is simple.

The NFL is an elite sport, and it should pay players the money it deserves for their performance, and players should have the same rights as everyone else.

The question is whether the NFL has the right to take money from people who are doing their jobs and making money, and if so, how.

And, as the media and public debate this, we are starting to get an answer. “

The problem,” they write, “is that the players are not rewarded for their hard work, and they’re not rewarded enough for their skill.

And, as the media and public debate this, we are starting to get an answer.

The league has taken $3.5 billion from the players, the owners and the public over the past three years, according to figures compiled by the NFL Players Association.

That’s the most the NFL ever took from its players.

It’s also the most in the history of the league, which is the only sport that pays its players in cash.

(For the record, the $3bn total includes $3,400 per player in bonuses.)

The numbers are astounding, even for a sports media group like the Post.

According to the Post, in the last three years the NFL took $1.5 million from each of its 29 players, $600,000 from each player in the regular season, and $500,000 in special-teams bonuses.

Of course, the total number of players and players’ contracts is much higher.

The average player contract in the NBA is worth $13 million, for example.

The total value of the contract in football is $30 million.

The $3B figure comes from the number of contracts the NFL gave to its players and teams in 2013, according the Associated Press, and is based on figures released in February by the Players Association, the league’s umbrella organization.

According the AP, the average annual value of a football contract in 2013 was $6.5m.

But the figures don’t tell the whole story.

They don’t include all of the money that players are getting.

The figures do include $3 million in incentives, including bonuses, as well as a cap on how much money a player can earn from each team during the season.

The AP also estimated that the average NFL player makes more than $1 million a year, and this figure includes $300,000 that is part of the base salary for each team.

That makes the total total that a player receives from the league in 2013 around $12.5bn.

But that figure is based only on players who have signed new contracts and players who are currently on the team.

As of this writing, the players association has not released any of the numbers from the new contract, but the figures are believed to include around $500m in bonuses.

But these numbers are not all of a player’s money.

The contract of each player is different.

They are paid on a year-to-year basis, and each year a player is paid a different percentage of his base salary.

In other words, the contract of a veteran quarterback like Drew Brees is much different from a rookie like Colin Kaepernick, who was signed in 2013.

(Kaepernick is not paid $2m a year.)

According to NFLPA data, the base salaries for players who signed in the first three years of the current CBA are $10m, $8.5M, and around $5m for the following three years.

Players signed after that are paid a percentage of their base salary, which means that they would get a little more money for a second year.

In the case of Brees, that percentage would be $5.5.

That is a big deal for the quarterback because it means he would be getting a lot more money in 2013 than he would in 2012.

For the same reason, a quarterback like Cam Newton, who signed after the 2013 season, would have been getting $10.5 in bonus money in 2012, according a report from Sports Business Daily.

It is important to note that the figures do not include the money a team gets for bonuses and/or the number that the league is allowed to pay players in bonuses, which can be as high as $7.

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