The wvu game is about to be cancelled because of its popularity

Wvu Football, a football game hosted by Wvu, will be cancelled after it reached the maximum number of fans for the season, the governing body for South African sport, said in a statement.

It was announced on Monday afternoon that Wvu would cancel the match at the end of the month.

The news was first reported by the Cape Times.

“Due to a high demand for the Wvu game, the WVS have cancelled the game at the beginning of March,” the statement said.

“The WVS will hold a meeting with the governing board to review the situation.”

It added that the decision was made after the game was shown to be “extremely popular” and “exceeding expectations”.

The game has been held in the city of Pretoria since 2003 and has attracted crowds of up to 30,000 people every game.

The game was one of the most popular events at the 2015 Rugby World Cup, attracting about 100,000 spectators and more than 2,000 media members.

The Wvu stadium is located in the Johannesburg suburb of Durban, where a planned expansion is set to take place in the next few years.

The Johannesburg Rugby Union (JRFU) said in October that it would be able to hold another rugby match in South Africa by 2021.

A rugby union match would be played on April 25 at the South African National Rugby Centre (SANRC) in Pretoria.

The SANRC was the site of the first rugby union game in South African history in 2014.

The tournament has attracted the attention of the world’s media.

Earlier this year, the South Africa Rugby Union held a press conference in London to announce the tournament would be held in 2019.

The SA Rugby Union has previously announced that a new national league would be created in 2019 to host the 2019 World Cup.

The Rugby World cup was initially held in South America between 2010 and 2011.

South Africa hosted the first ever World Cup in 2019, but the Rugby World was held in 2018.

In November 2018, the Rugby Football Union of South Africa (RFUSA) announced that it was withdrawing from the 2019 Rugby World Cups, which were due to be held from 2019 to 2022.

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