Alabama: Coach Nick Saban says it’s time for a change in personnel

The head coach of Alabama’s football team said Thursday that he’s ready for a different type of football program. 

Saban, who has led the Crimson Tide to four consecutive national titles, told reporters at the team’s facility in Tuscaloosa that he’d like to see a more athletic program.

He said the players have seen his program’s changes and that he believes it’s best to take a step back. 

“I believe the guys have seen the changes,” Saban said.

“The program that we have is what it was in the past and what it is now.

So we’re going to look to that program to bring in a new coach.” 

Sabans tenure at Alabama has been marked by an on-field struggle.

He has never led the SEC in passing yards or touchdown passes, and the Tide has never made a bowl game. 

His team has won just six games in the last four years, including a season in which they finished 4-8. 

While the program is looking to change that, Saban also has a history of trying to win championships. 

In his first season as Alabama’s head coach in 2014, the Crimson Tigers went 8-4 and won their first bowl game since 2004. 

But they fell out of the AP Top 25 and fell out, again, of the College Football Playoff after a 7-6 start. 

Now, Saban is back to his old ways, which includes trying to turn around the team in the bowl game and making some of the same mistakes that he did in 2014. 

He was at his best in 2016 when he led the Tide to their first College Football Playoffs win since 1998. 

Alabama went 4-4 that year, which was the team season in the College Bowl and the second time in Saban’s career that they finished in the AP top 25. 

They also went 8–3 in the final nine games of the regular season. 

The Tide lost to Oklahoma State in the Fiesta Bowl to finish 4-10. 

After the season, Saban called it a “big mistake” and was fired.

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