Arkansas State football’s new mascot, a bear, will wear a headdress

Arkansas State has unveiled its new mascot for the upcoming season, the bear-themed bear.

The bear will wear the traditional headdress of the university’s football team, with a black bow tie and black-striped sweater.

The mascot will be featured in a game on Oct. 9 against Kansas State.

“This is a bold move for Arkansas State, and I’m very excited to have a new mascot in place for our football team,” head football coach Bret Bielema said.

“We are looking forward to showcasing the new bear as the face of the football program.”

The new mascot will replace the bear seen at other Arkansas State schools, including at Arkansas State’s football stadium, the Cotton Bowl.

“The Bear is a big part of Arkansas State athletics, and we look forward to the new Bear wearing the black-and-gold colors that we will be sporting this season,” said Arkansas State athletic director Rob Bivens.

The Bear will be a member of the school’s student-athlete mascots.

The new Bear will begin wearing the headdress and the bow tie on Sept. 30, but the headwear will not be worn until Oct. 2.

The headdress will be white with black lettering.

“There’s a big tradition for us to have our mascot wear a bear and wear a bow tie, and this is a unique opportunity to show our fans that we are proud of them and proud of the Bear,” Bielemas said.

The Arkansas State mascot will also wear a black headdress that is not a headband, but rather has a black ribbon tied around the neck.

The bow tie will be red and have a black necktie that will be tied around his waist.

“Our mascot is a very special person, and as we’ve said before, he’s a Bear.

We look forward a big season of football,” Bielesma said in announcing the new mascot.

The athletic director said he expects the mascot to be the face at the Cotton Field.

The name “Bear” was chosen to honor the Bear and his cousin, the black bear named for Arkansas native Jack “Bear.”

“We’re very excited for the Bear to be a part of our football program and to wear this headdress, as well as wear the bowtie,” Bielegas said.

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