What the gators were saying when the game was stopped at the line

By Tim CrouchPosted November 15, 2018 10:19:59By Tim CroucheThe last time the Georgia Gator football team was on the field, it wasn’t for a loss.

The Gator’s last game on the gridiron was a 44-21 victory over the Georgia Southern Eagles in the inaugural Game of the Century on Oct. 25, 1954.

The Eagles, who were ranked No. 3 in the country at the time, were led by linebacker George Jones.

Georgia Southern quarterback Sam White had a season-high five sacks.

Georgia Southern finished with a record of 15-1 and finished with an undefeated record when the Gator team was finally on the sideline on the final play of the game.

But that was before a foul call called by the official called Georgia Southern out of bounds.

It didn’t matter.

The Bulldogs still had the ball at the Atlanta-based Fulton County Stadium, but the Gators couldn’t score and Georgia Southern’s season ended with a 28-0 loss.

This year’s Georgia Gators were scheduled to play a home game against the University of South Florida on Sept. 3, but it’s doubtful the Bulldogs will ever be back in Atlanta.

Georgia has already lost two games in Atlanta during the season, the Bulldogs are currently ranked 24th in the nation at 6-5, and it was also announced on Monday that South Florida’s football program will be relocated to Orlando.

South Florida is currently the only other Division I football team in the state of Florida.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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