What you need to know about Virginia football gloves

Virginia football is set to introduce a new gloves that are designed to prevent concussions, a major advancement over the current, disposable gloves.

The Virginia Tech football team’s new gloves are part of a new research program called Project Ponderosa.

It aims to develop new protective gear for the future, and will also focus on reducing the number of concussions in the football program.

“There’s been an incredible amount of research on how to protect our players and how to get them back to where they belong,” said Virginia Tech athletic director Justin Fuente.

The new gloves will be worn by all VSU football players, which is part of the program.

The gloves are made by American Eagle, which also makes the pads used by other major conferences, and have been used by the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys and Major League Soccer’s Toronto FC.

Fuente says they’re also the only athletic department in the country to use the same material for all its players.

Fuentes new gloves, made of nylon and plastic, will be offered at no charge and will be available at all VU football stadiums starting in late February.

The goal is to make sure players are fully protected, and they will be made with the materials from American Eagle.

“They are the most secure type of protective equipment in the world, and that’s going to help the guys out a lot,” Fuentens said.

The glove will have a small rubber grip to help with the impact of blows and it’s designed to be worn over and over again.

The pads on the new gloves should be comfortable, but they won’t be as comfortable as the current gloves.

They will also be more comfortable than the old ones.

They’re designed to help players with the strain of playing with a football helmet, and with the concussion protocol that’s being rolled out.

“We’re also going to make a better contact surface and we’re going to get better materials to make the gloves softer and easier to get on,” Fuente said.

Fuenten also said that the new pads will be able protect players for longer periods of time than current pads. “

I want them to be able to get back out on the field and compete again.”

Fuenten also said that the new pads will be able protect players for longer periods of time than current pads.

“If you take a look at how hard these pads are hitting, they are actually really hard,” he said.

Fuencyes team is also working on a helmet design that will offer protection against head impacts, including the head of a hit that might be a concussion.

The helmets will be tested by the team’s head trainer and they should be available to the public in late April.

Fuenzen said that they hope to have helmets on the market within a few years.

The team is expected to be releasing a new helmet, which will replace the current helmet, by the end of the summer.

The university is also looking to find ways to improve the football helmets to keep players safer, as well as a helmet that will reduce the likelihood of injuries.

“Our goal is that our players will not be concussed,” Fuenzent said.

He also said the university wants to continue to innovate and keep the program on track.

“When you’re playing football, you’re not going to stop playing,” Fueno said.

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